Class Descriptions


For students just beginning yoga and those new to the Iyengar tradition

Level 1

Focus on the foundation

Level 1-2

Building from the foundation

Level 2

Intermediate – understanding of the foundation with 1 year experience encouraged

Level 2-3

Advanced – strong understanding of the practice. **Pre-registration required.

All Levels

Levels 1 and above welcome

Extra Care

Accommodating Injuries, health challenges, and those who need to move slower


A practice to facilitate restoration and relaxation


A practice centered upon the breath and meditation


For veterans, operated in cadence with Veteran’s Administration. **Pre-registration.

Qi Yoga

Yoga, qigong and oriental healing modalities.

Strength and Stability

Integrating resistance training, interval training, cardio and functional strength exercises using dumbbells and your own body weight.